Find Great Rates for Young Drivers’ Car Insurance

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If this is your second or third year buying car insurance, you have probably being paying very high insurance rates. The first year for a young driver is usually the most expensive but things get easier over time as you gain more and more experience. With just a few steps, you can enjoy much lower rates than what you are currently paying.

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The first thing you need to do is compare insurance rates from a number of providers. This will help you know whether your current insurer is giving you a raw deal. The internet is a good source of car insurance quotes. Get as many of these as possible and compare the prices. The difference in quotes from one company to another can be anything between £20 and £80 or more. Over the months, this amount could earn up to a significant amount. With the recent increase in rates that could see young drivers paying upwards of £3,000, any savings you make can be used to settle other bills or stashed away for a rainy day.

When comparing quotes, the other important aspect of the quote to look at is coverage. Young drivers are statistically proven to get into more accidents than any other group of drivers. As a result, they require a higher level of coverage. Choose a policy that keeps you adequately protected as you would not want to have to settle any expenses occasioned by an accident on your own.

Buy insurance from specialist insurance companies. There are many companies offering specialized insurance policies for young drivers. These companies give lower rates than the rest and will customize the policy to cater to your special needs. When you deal with a specialist, you get better service because the company is dedicated to your kind of clients.

If you can afford it, pay your premium all at once. When you pay premiums in a lump sum, the total cost is much lower than paying monthly installments. If a single payment is unaffordable for you, make two payments instead. It will still be cheaper in the long run.

Enroll for advanced driver’s training. Many insurance companies specializing in young drivers’ car insurance recognize courses such as Pass Plus. Completing this course successfully will help you get a discount from your insurer. In addition to this, keep your driving record clean. Remember that the record starts building up from when you receive your driving license. There is no period set aside to test the waters and the government does not give you a grace period to gain experience. Stay away from accidents, even minor ones and avoid points. Sometimes a point or two are unavoidable but when you accumulate three, you are setting yourself up for higher rates.

List an older driver on your policy, but not as the main driver. Listing them as the primary driver may be interpreted as fronting; this is unacceptable in the UK. Insurers will give you lower rates if a more experienced driver will be handling the car at times.